Thursday, March 6, 2008

Participation of Public in eradication of dengue

Dengue disease first time in Indonesia is found in Surabaya in the year 1968, however confirmation of new virology got in the year 1972. after the time of that is the disease disseminates multiple of area, so that until the year 1980 all district (profinsi) in Indonesia has been infected the disease.

` Since januari until with 5 maret 2004 case totals dengue disease in all profinsi Indonesia has reached 26,051, with number of deaths 389. For the year 2007 happened improvement becomes 140,000 cases and dies 1380. Two years post tsunami in town banda aceh experiences improvement of dengue case to januari up to december 2006, 557 cases and dies 12, while for the year 2007 data obtained from on Duty Health Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD) to amount to 783 cases.

Still height of case dengue disease in NAD is caused behavior of the public facilitating disease spreading. Like water storage still traditionally ( tun without closed), optimal has not household the settlement of disposal ( light beverage bottle and secondhand can ), lack of participation of public in eradication of mosquito den, lack of knowledge of public about symptom Dengue disease, and delay of patient to place of health service.

Way of eradication of mosquito with fogging this chemicals had long time back is used, either when there are epidemic and also focus case. End - this end advantage fogging malathion many disputed the experts. there is opinion that fogging affects is low even more haves the character of psychological only, though fogging requires big cost and affects is ugly to down our way.

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